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gold fever and the bechtler mint -

the primary focus of this book is on the development of industrial scale mining at the reed gold mine gold hill mining district and other subsurface mining enterprises east of charlotte. robin s. lattimore gold and glory: north carolina gold and the bechtler heritage 44 pages. hilltop publications 2007.

gold fever and the bechtler mint -

about gold fever and the bechtler mint for many it is a surprising story: that north carolina was the site of america’s first gold rush and that a german immigrant living in the small mountain town of rutherfordton in rutherford county created a successful private mint that produced the first $1 gold coin in american history.

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the first ever documented gold nugget was discovered at reed gold mine in cabarrus county near charlotte nc in 1799. the first $1 gold coin was minted by christopher bechtler in 1832 in rutherfordton nc. north carolina led the country in gold production until the california gold rush in 1848.

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the bechtler mint site is the western anchor on north carolina’s “golden crescent” that extends to the reed gold mine east of charlotte. since bechtler’s death in 1842 his land has passed through many hands once selling to speculators for over $1 million and once selling at auction for less than $100.

bechtler gold fever and the bechtler mint

only a year after arriving in rutherford county bechtler seems to have been mining for gold on a scale that called for the use of a stamp mill more often used in vein mining of rock than in placer mining. also in 1831 bechtler announced that he would process gold into coins and ingots.

bechtler house & gold mint site - asheville

the bechtler mint site located about three miles from the house (342 gilboa church road rutherfordton) is the small park with a short loop walking trail with information boards that tell the story of local gold mining. explore the original location of the bechtler mint and mine shaft.

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bechtler gold mine