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image stabilization sensor vs optical which is better

i am hoping someone out there can help me with a nagging question i need answered before i spend $400.00 on a new camera. which is better and what is the difference between canon's optical image

excitation the modal shop inc.

here you’ll find information to help you test model and modify the dynamic behaviors of products and processes. the modal shop offers a complete line of electrodynamic vibration exciters and accessories ideal for applications ranging from experimental modal analysis and general vibration testing to accelerometer calibration.

the modal shop inc.

your one-stop sound and vibration shop. the modal shop strives to simplify people's lives with smart sensing solutions that help improve the performance of people products and processes.

shaker tables for vibration testing and calibration pvc

shaker tables for vibration testing and calibration shaker tables for vibration testing and calibration. in the world of vibration testing the words “shaker table” or "vibration table" can have many different meanings. shaker tables are used to perform various types of testing from general vibration testing of components to vibration

modal testing - wikipedia

shaker modal testing. a shaker is a device that excites the object or structure according to its amplified input signal. several input signals are available for modal testing but the sine sweep and random frequency vibration profiles are by far the most commonly used signals.

shakers - vibration research

suitable for larger loads that don’t require high vibration levels the vr5700 system offers the benefits of the larger shaker at a reduced price to give the maximum performance at low and high frequencies and can be easily switched from voltage source mode for general testing to current source mode for modal testing applications.

advanced v.g. 2 - faq/move list - playstation - by

(effects: normal mode story mode vs. mode time attack) - music test listen to the game`s 17 bgms. (for some reason #16 "the opening theme" doesn`t play for me.) - event test watch all of the saved dialogue bits and chapters from normal mode and story mode. you can only watch events that you have been through.

9100d portable shaker table vibration field tester pvc

whether your goal is vibration monitoring loop checking proximity probe calibration accelerometer calibration 4-20 ma transmitter validation or other vibration system checks the model 9100d portable shaker table a mobile vibration shaker from the modal shop can help promote safety improve efficiency and maintain peace of mind.

prey - faq/walkthrough - playstation 4 - by bkstunt_31

go ahead and hack it to enter "volunteer testing". volunteer testing ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ let's do some hunting. enter the area and on the left is a testing room with a mimic in it. you can go hunt it but in the back is an electric phantom that you do not want to get close to (a good time for your q-beam).

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modal testing shaker table vibration