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clay will hold more nutrients than sand though since there is less leaching of chemicals as water runs through the soil as there is in sand. in additon to the above soils include what nature adds in organic elements like leaf litter dead plants and animal or manure all of which is where the nutrients are to the minerals that are present in

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from his death is 1066 until 1760 most british and english sovereigns were buried there. perhaps to get their money's worth the abbey has also been the site of coronations and many royal weddings. considered a masterpiece of gothic architecture the abbey has undergone many renovations.

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best answer: silt is sediment deposited on the floor of the sea or a river. soil is made up of rock particles (sand and clay are sizes of rock particles) and humus. i'd say silt edit. erosion doesn't break down rocks. weathering breaks down rocks - erosion carries the bits away.

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stuck on stoichiometry 5.) sand (silicon dioxide) and coke (carbon) are combined to form silicon carbide (sic) a compound used in high-strength ceramic materials. a. balance the following equation for the reaction. and then use the molar mass of sic to find how many grams are produced.

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on some volcanic islands sand is of pyroxenes as there is no quartz and the more easily weathered pyroxenes persist longer than glass or olivine. clay contains some silica but much clay is composed of various aluminum silicates and potassium aluminum silicates and some other more obscure forms as well as little bits of other minerals.

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- square added an easy mode which makes leveling up easier and gives you ton more magic. only do this if you really want an easy time and hate leveling up. - you get a couple of files which show you how many monsters you have killed (as well as the statistics of the monsters you killed) and how much treasure you've gotten from each dungeon.

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candles are a very popular home decor and gift item and many independent candle businesses start up each year. whether you are a candle artisan or wholesale distributor selling candles can be enjoyable and quite profitable year-round.

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many quarries in virginia produce crushed stone what industry uses the it produces 1 million cattle each year read more. asked in the industry produced 667776000 gallons of paints and

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the uk was the ussrs biggest ally in the 2nd world war. churchill who was anti communist was open in supporting the soviets when they were fighting the germans on the eastern front hell the british army conducted co operations together during the 2nd world war not just directed at germany but in the middle east the anglo-soviet invasion of persia they split iran in half .

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how many clay sand are produced annually yahoo answers