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when we mention master mineral solution we are referring to mineral chlorine dioxide (cio2) that is delivered from sodium chlorine. sodium chlorine is found in its natural state in many places in the world; however it is normally cheaper to manufacture it then to mine it.

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this is why when i heard about miracle mineral solution (mms sometimes called ‘master mineral solution’ or ‘miracle mineral supplement’) and the cd protocol i felt i had to write about it. plenty of others have written about this and tried to warn people but this is one of those times that i feel that the more people that talk

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2016-03-05t01:03:04.000z. miracle mineral supplement or mms is a chemical solution that is promoted as a cure for hiv malaria hepatitis viruses the flu virus and much more.

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miracle mineral supplement often referred to as miracle mineral solution master mineral solution mms or the cd protocol[1] is chlorine dioxide an industrial bleach. it is made by mixing sodium chlorite solution with an acid (such as the juices of citrus fruits). this mixture produces chlorine dioxide a toxic chemical that in "high oral

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the latest in eye creams. origin's no puffery - "30-day solution for puffy eyes". once puffiness is reduced apply the product as needed. the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine revealed a

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miracle mineral supplement is a solution composed of sodium chlorite and distilled water that is claimed to fight everything from the common cold to cancer. even though miracle mineral supplement is championed by many natural physicians and is available on the market its safety and benefits are often questioned.

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mineral miracle solution ukraine