where to find aluminum ore pixelmon


aluminium ingot - pixelmon generations

the aluminum ingot is a new resource added to minecraft with the pixelmon mod. aluminum ingots can be obtained by smelting bauxite ore from forage or as drops from wild pokémon. aluminum ingots can be used to craft certain items. aluminum can also can be placed on an anvil and hammered into aluminum plates which are used to craft other items.

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aluminium ingots are items obtained from smelting bauxite ore. they can be made into aluminium discs which can be hammered on anvils to make an aluminium base aluminium tools and aluminium WPC. they can be hammered on anvils to make aluminium plates. pixelmon info wiki is a fandom games community. view mobile site

ores - pixelmon generations

amethyst ore. amethyst ore is a type of ore that contains amethysts. it can be found within stone at height 64 and below spawning in veins of up to 3 ore. any pickaxe can be used to mine the ore causing it to drop in its ore form. an amethyst will be produced if the ore is smelted. bauxite ore. bauxite is a new ore introduced in pixelmon.

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the bauxite ore can be found between heights of 30 and 60 appearing on somewhat large veins (up to 8 blocks). from this ore you can extract aluminium ingots which will be used to create pressed aluminium.

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instead of multi-block veins emerald ore is placed in scattered blocks. this is the pixelmon section most of these are from the wiki but theres not much else to say about them so i think the wiki tells us best about where to find them and whats special about them

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where to find aluminum ore pixelmon