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nickel compounds - cancer-causing substances - national

learn about nickel compounds which can raise your risk of lung cancer and nasal cancer. workers in mining smelting welding and other industrial occupations are most commonly exposed to nickel. nickel compounds - cancer-causing substances - national cancer institute

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google mining personal health data raises "significant" privacy concerns tech behemoth is reportedly sharing information with ascension a health system that includes over 2600 hospitals and

lung cancer early detection lung cancer screening

screening is the use of tests or exams to find a disease in people who don’t have symptoms. regular chest x-rays have been studied for lung cancer screening but they did not help most people live longer. in recent years a test known as a low-dose cat scan or ct scan (ldct) has been studied in

who should be screened for lung cancer cdc

lung cancer screening has at least three risks— a lung cancer screening test can suggest that a person has lung cancer when no cancer is present. this is called a false-positive result. false-positive results can lead to follow-up tests and surgeries that are not needed and may have more risks.

lung cancer screening (pdq®)–patient version - national

lung cancer screening with low-dose spiral ct scans has been shown to decrease the risk of dying from lung cancer in heavy smokers. learn more about tests to detect lung cancer and their potential benefits and harms in this expert-reviewed summary.

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lung cancer screening

lung cancer screening with ldct has been proven to reduce the number of deaths from lung cancer in patients at high risk. when cancer is found with screening it is often at an early stage and patients can more often undergo minimally invasive surgery and have less lung tissue removed.

occupational lung disease in the mining industry

importance of respirology issues in mining • the lungs are prime route of exposure for many circumstances • mining involves a broad range of potential inhalation toxins • respiratory pathology is a likely consequence • work-relatedness of lung issues may not be recognized due to latency varied etiologies etc.

what do i need to know about lung cancer screening

lung cancer screening can help find lung cancer at an early stage when it is easier to treat. at this time studies have shown that a low-dose ct scan is the only lung cancer screening tool that reduces the risk of dying from lung cancer. lung cancer screening is not right for everyone. one reason

is lung cancer screening right for me effective health care

is lung cancer screening right for me a decision aid for people considering lung cancer screening with low-dose computed tomography. if you have smoked for many years you may want to think about screening (testing) for lung cancer with low-dose computed tomography (ldct).

lung cancer in miners - pubmed central (pmc)

a striking feature was the lower frequency with which lung cancer in miners was found to be operable. it was suggested that the lower frequency of lung cancer in miners is related to an enhancement of the state of immunological preparedness in the lung related to the immune component in the pathogenesis of pneumoconiosis.

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competitive mining grinding cancerscreening lung