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on hafnium cathode evaporation for oxygen ... in contrast the used electrodes are characterized by a quite long transient phase with the ejection of molten particles. as for the mechanism for erosion during shutdown ithasbeenshownin[5]andpatentliterature[67]thatcathode

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hafnium is a chemical element with the symbol hf and atomic number 72. a lustrous silvery gray tetravalent transition metal hafnium chemically resembles zirconium and is found in many zirconium minerals.its existence was predicted by dmitri mendeleev in 1869 though it was not identified until 1923 by coster and hevesy making it the last stable element to be discovered.

optimizing consumable life in mechanized plasma cutting

oct 12 2004· cut duration—heat stress developed during long cuts erodes the hafnium. material thickness—thick materials require higher output current which causes more rapid hafnium erosion. in addition thick materials take longer to pierce causing increased nozzle and electrode wear.

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silverplus ® electrode technology for mechanized plasma cutting systems silverplus is a proven electrode technology that extends consumable life and significantly reduces operating costs. on average silverplus electrode technology doubles the life of the electrode and nozzle compared to copper electrodes.

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hafnium is not all that uncommon compared to many other exotic elements. it occurs to the extent of 5.8 ppm of the earth's upper crust by weight. the reason why it took a long time to isolate is that its atoms have almost the identical size to those of zirconium along with which it typically occurs in minerals.

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silverline ® electrode technology • a solid silver front end maximizes hafnium pit depth and reduces the hafnium wear rate delivering longer consumables life. ... one of hypertherm’s long-standing core values is a focus on minimizing our impact on the environment. doing so …

corrosion of hafnium and hafnium alloys

corrosion of hafnium and hafnium alloys d.r. holmes ati wah chang allegheny technologies hafniumiselementnumber72.itresidesin group iva of the periodic table with titanium and zirconium. hafnium is always associated with zirconium in minerals such as zircon and baddeleyite usually in the range of 1 to 5%. the chemical similarity between ...

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jul 09 2010· if you don’t change out the electrode and instead run it to failure mode which means it really won’t cut anymore you’re actually burning through the copper now because the hafnium is gone. the arc looks like an ugly green glow if you can even cut at all. the whole top of the electrode …

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aug 10 2019· as it wears little pieces fall out and you get a divot/hole in the end of the electrode. the hafnium is only about 1/8" deep so you have to keep this in mind before making long cuts or cutting out something on a cnc table. the time to change the electrode is when the divot/pit/hole in the end of the electrode get to be 1/16" deep or so.

improving consumables life in an automated plasma system

sep 12 2016· fig. 2 this electrode which uses multiple hafnium inserts can double arc starts. fig. 3 cooling consumables to the cutting orifice technology enables them to cut like new long after other consumables have degraded to the point where they cannot produce a precision cut."

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parweld is in no way connected with any of the manufacturers referred to. none of the equipment listed originates from the manufacturer with those products it is compatible.

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hypertherm inc. why spend more on hypertherm powermax plasma? because this cooler gas serves as a shield to protect the copper nozzle from melting. another item we try to protect from heat is the tiny pin sized piece of hafnium at the tip of your electrode.hafnium melts at around 3000 degrees. during cutting when the plasma arc is at 25000 degrees this hafnium is in molten state.

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welcome to the homepage of the experts in welding technology. here you'll find a wide range of professional and high-quality welding products including everything from welding machines and filler metals to welding accessories. we also offer products for all your workshop and industrial needs including everything from chemical-technical products to tools and products related to work safety.

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buy ceb plasma torch parts from our wide range of welding equipment. electrode insert for cebora prof 35/50 compatible plasma torches..

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2 electrode hafnium insert futpcb-c1521 electrode zirconium insert futpcb-c1520 3 swirl ring futpcb-c1510 4 cutting tip flat 1.0mm futpcb-c1304 cutting tip long life 1.0mm futpcb-c1396 5 cutting tip conical 1.0mm futpcb-c1305 6 long electrode hafnium insert futpcb-c1518 long electrode zirconium insert futpcb-c1519 7 long cutting tip 1.0mm ...

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cebora prof 35-50 long electrode hafnium £1.79. quantity-+ add to cart this is an extended electrode hafnium for cebora type cutting torches prof 35 hf and 50. ...

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welding consumables › plasma cutting torches & spares › cebora plasma torch parts › prof 70 spares › c1368 long electrode hafnium c1368 long electrode hafnium. minimum quantity5. stock code: w.3860 temporarily out of stock available on back-order £3.10 inc vat £2.58 ex vat per each ...

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home / online shop / plasma / cebora plasma consumables / c1368 long electrode hafnium. c1368 long electrode hafnium

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jan 17 2013· electrode hafnium insert electrode hafnium insert swirl ring - vespel cut/tip flat 1.0mm 35-50 a cut/tip conical 1.0mm 35-50 a long electrode hafnium insert long electrode hafnium insert cutting ...

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nov 04 2016· the two types of consumables for the cut50 plasma cutter from china not a hypertherm powermax 30 from banggood standard consumables banggood/7...

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the electrode. the cleancut electrodes also play a part in extending consumable life. one differentiator of the cleancut electrodes versus competitors is the composition of the electrode and how attc presses the hafnium which is all proprietary information. a second differentiator is that cleancut copper electrodes are tipped with silver.

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home / plasma consumables / hypertherm / max 20 (pac 110 torch) / long electrode hafnium 20382 « previous. next » ...

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so what are the plasma electrode’s critical features? first of all the hafnium emitter is the single most important part for the electrode. since hafnium is a poor thermal conductor it is bonded to the copper body of the electrode using a proprietary process that ensures an …

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hypertherm® plasma consumables. plasma 219 14 15 13 12 11 10 10 10 9 7 6a 8 6 6 6 5 4 3 2 1 stock code description 1 h8003 locking nut 2 h8002 spacer contact cutting-extended tip 3 020334 shield cup-machine torch 4 020335 spacer contact cutting-hand torch ... 11 120574 long electrode hafnium 12 120573 electrode

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difference in the cathode mass in long duration runs the presented erosion rates mostly include contribution from erosion during burning of arc alone. the scope of the pre-sent study includes experimental study of cathode erosion in hafnium-electrode plasma torches under different plasma environments together with numerical simulation of the

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9 020467 long electrode hafnium hypertherm ® trademark is the property of its respective owner and usage is for reference only. these products are not endorsed by the original manufacturer.

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hafnium (atomic symbol: hf atomic number: 72) is a block d group 4 period 6 element with an atomic weight of 178.49. the number of electrons in each of hafnium's shells is 2 8 18 32 10 2 and its electron configuration is [xe] 4f 14 5d 2 6s 2 .

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home / plasma consumables / hypertherm / max 40cs/max 42/max 43 (pac 121ts/pac 125t torch) powermax 600 (pac 123t torch) max 40cs/max 42/max 43 (pac 121ts/pac 125t torch) / long electrode hafnium 120574

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the electrode is a narrow piece of copper containing hafnium (which is an excellent conductor of electricity). its job is to receive the electrical current from a cathode block inside the torch to which it is connected and to focus the charge through its tip which causes it to arc onto the workpiece.

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