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what is vermiculite insulation and is it safe valley

what is vermiculite insulation and is it safe vermiculite insulation consists of a natural occurring mineral that expands into a worm-like or accordion shaped pieces when it is heated. it is a light-weight mater that is fire resistant absorbent and odorless. many products are made from this material including attic insulation.

vermiculite and asbestos: how to minimize the risks

today most vermiculite is safe. however that is not to say it cannot contain asbestos. vermiculite which is accompanied by a great deal of dust likely has residual asbestos in its contents and should be used with caution. current epa regulations ban products which contain 1% or more asbestos.

feds issue new asbestos warning - cbs news

feds issue new asbestos warning. institute of occupational safety and health to "look into the current worker exposures that may be dealing with these products and vermiculite from grace's

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pumpkin spice products are already here for better & for worse. a bite-size stop in seoul south korea vermiculite or perlite and compost but usually it's easier to buy a large bale (fafard) read the help with gardening questions discussion from the chowhound gardening composting food community. join the discussion today.

frequently asked questions - the vermiculite association

iii) vermiculite is often used in passive fire protection products in high-rise construction projects to increase the fire safety of the building by preventing the premature collapse of a building which has caught on fire; allowing for a safe evacuation and saving lives.

first look: niwa one indoor smart garden. think of it as

first look: niwa one indoor smart garden. think of it as desktop fabrication for plants. david gewirtz is a man of many skills. gardening is not one of them.

vermiculite - wikipedia

although not all vermiculite contains asbestos some products were made with vermiculite that contained asbestos until the early 1990s. vermiculite mines throughout the world are now regularly tested for it and are supposed to sell products that contain no asbestos.

fire-protection/fire-proofing with vermiculite and perlite

by bruce schundler perlite and vermiculite aggregates have been used in fire-proofing products for decades. plasters among the better known uses of perlite and vermiculite for fire-protection has been in fire-proof plasters. traditionally "plaster" had been made from a mix of gypsum plaster and sand; and sometimes to strengthen the plaster reinforcing materials like horsehair was added.

epa will check asbestos scare - cbs news

epa will check asbestos scare. according to the new york times the material was used in products like fireproofing and attic insulation. it may have been used in potting soil as well

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vermiculite products safes