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wo/2014/152751 multilayered injectable self

the invention relates to a pharmaceutical formulation for sustained delivery of a therapeutic agent preferably a protein polypeptide an antibody or an antibody fragment comprising one or more gel forming peptides wherein the formulation exhibits sustained delivery for at least two weeks three weeks four weeks five weeks six weeks seven weeks eight weeks nine weeks ten weeks eleven

effective permeability averaging scheme to

2018726&ensp 0183&enspxmolcomposites part a: applied science and manufacturing——effective permeability averaging scheme to address inplane anisotropy effects in multilayered preformss.p. bancora c. binetruy s.g. advani e. syerko s

the visual centrifuge: modelfree layered video

2019610&ensp 0183&enspthe visual centrifuge: modelfree layered video representations pose novel architectures for multilayered video modelling (ii) we show that these models can be learned without supervision by just separating synthetically blended videos this is challenging as it relates to the label permutation problem [47]. one solution to this

sony patent image display device

20191030&ensp 0183&enspthe present appliion relates to an image display device employed for allowing an observer to observe a twodimensional image formed by an image forming device or the like. a virtual image display device (image display device)

i have had a number of multilayered dreams like in the

i haven't seen this film but people tell me it sometimes resembles the embedded dream scenarios common to astral travel. congratulations! a lot of folks are going to tell you it's your unconscious or subconscious mind working things out. this is

ion transport through electrolyte/polyelectrolyte multi

2015626&ensp 0183&enspion transport of multiionic solutions through layered electrolyte and polyelectrolyte structures are relevant in a large variety of technical systems such as micro and nanofluidic devices

improving the design of industrial microwave processing

2015114&ensp 0183&enspthe dielectric properties characterisation of multilayered materials has so far been empirical because no exact theory is currently known which relates the macroscopic properties of multiphase composites to their microscopic properties [3]. the calculation of dielectric properties of multiphase materials by using the dielectric properties and

defending the castle: a multilayered approach to securing

defending the castle: a multilayered approach to securing r&e networks may 7 2015. rod wilson senior director for external research subscribe. the threat landscape in the research and eduion environments has grown considerably over the past few years. however all industries are at risk and today's networks must have a multifaceted

multilevel governance wikipedia

2019930&ensp 0183&enspmultilevel (or multilevel) governance is an approach in political science and public administration theory that originated from studies on european integration. political scientists liesbet hooghe and gary marks developed the concept of multilevel governance in the early 1990s and have continuously been contributing to the research program

multilayered translation into french examples english

the invention relates to a protective glove which comprises different layers in a multilayered composite material. therefore a multilayered integrated rf/if circuit board in accordance with the present invention can be fabried inexpensively.

1. layered architecture software architecture patterns

chapter 1. layered architecture the most common architecture pattern is the layered architecture pattern otherwise known as the ntier architecture pattern. this pattern is the de facto standard for most selection from software architecture patterns [book]

multilayered wound dressing bristolmyers squibb company

1999824&ensp 0183&enspthe present invention relates to a multilayered wound dressing particularly for use as a dressing on highly exudating wounds.

multi layered landscape epsilon archive for student projects

our climate is changing and we are facing stormier weathers and larger fluctuations in sea water levels and in addition there is a need to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. to be able to cope with these forces of nature in a sustainable way we need to rethink our use and distribution of resources. this project sets out to find ways on how to deal with a multi layered landscape where the

(pdf) a multilayered dualprocess approach to conditional

a multilayered dualprocess approach to conditional reasoning. article (pdf available) difficult and relates to working memory capacity whereas the.

layered image file format wikipedia

2019930&ensp 0183&ensplayered image file format (liff) is a file format used in the openlab suite for microscope image processing. it is a proprietary format but has an open extensible form analogous to tiff. it was specifically designed to contain a large number of high resolution images and also all of the meta data generated by analysis of such images.

multilayered antiadhesion barrier patent europe

2007315&ensp 0183&enspthe present invention relates to a multilayered antiadhesion barrier particularly to a multilayered antiadhesion barrier comprising a nanofibrous structured base layer electrospun from a hydrophobic biodegradable biocompatible and a layer formed by coating a hydrophilic biooriginated on the base layer and a method for the preparing the same.

computation of deformation induced by earthquakes in a

computation of deformation induced by earthquakes in a multilayered elastic crust—fortran programs edgrn/edcmp the matrix h is known as the thomson–haskell propagator that relates the displacement vector from depth to depth so that the boundaryvalue

young children thinking and talking: using sociocultural

2018417&ensp 0183&enspyoung children thinking and talking: using sociocultural theory for multilayered analysis jill robbins monash university abstract traditionally in science eduion research on young children's thinking about the natural and physical worlds is egorised and explained in terms of the mental models or schemes they purportedly hold.

multilayered drink and a method for the manufacture

20091126&ensp 0183&enspthe present invention relates to a multilayered drink and a method for the manufacture thereof. there is a great interest in offering drinks in an attractive manner as concerns the taste as well as the appearance of them.

lighttissue interaction modeling using comsol

in this work we have modeled a multilayered skin tissue in comsol 174 and studied the effect of light in tissue using a near infrared source. helmholtz equation module in comsol multiphysics 174 was used to simulate light propagation studies since it is equivalent to the diffusion equation.

theoretical model of homogeneous

tion of a multilayered mim sandwich structure featuring multiple high absorption bands. 2. theoretical model in this section we introduce a transfer matrix description of a two layered system embedded in two semiinfinite media (metallic substrate and air superstrate). altough a mim structure has three layers this two layered model can actually

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multi layered relates