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our claim: the multi-helix spiral is “hands down” the most efficient gold concentrator available in the industry. it has a proven track record with a recovery rate of 99% of all free gold. it is a commercial duty gravity concentrator for both alluvial and fine milled hard rock ores and has the highest concentration ratio and highest recovery rate of any gravity concentrator on the market

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please note that the maximum amount of gold is 30000. if you type in a higher number it will result in one of the following occuring: a) gold will be set to 30000 gold. b) gold will be set to 0. c) gold will be set to a random number in the 20000 - 30000 gold area. results include 20322 and 24647. this happens only very randomly.

gold miner spiral wheel concentrator

gold miner spiral wheel concentrator - the gold miner spiral wheel is similar to the desert fox - automatic panner - it takes the hassle out of panning by hand and concentrates your gold from black

spiral wheel gold concentrator

an interesting variation of the spiral concentrator is the rotary table. this device is available from a variety of manufacturers under many trade names. basically the rotary table consists of a flat circular plate in which a spiral pattern has been molded or cut. it is usually mounted on a frame with a wash water bar running laterally from the one side to the center.

disney's meet the robinsons - faq/walkthrough - xbox 360

take the chute slowly but speed up when you see the three dot so you can jump the two gaps. when you get to the bottom you need to get into the updraft of the fan but not move ahead too quickly so you can land on a platform above and be at another checkpoint. he'll ask you to gather some gold bugs for him so he will let you into the throne

cross edge - faq/walkthrough - playstation 3 - by kietsu

if you need gold sell your extra silver ores and serum powders which sell for 5000 each! also you can check the database to see if you earned any titles. i recommend grinding to level 6 before you enter the dungeon. while your grinding change ayatane's skill to dual fang. you need to level it to level 2 so you can learn a new move.

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gold ore spiral concentrator spiral chute