rubber sleeves for conveyor rollers


conveyor roller sleeves mcmaster-carr

choose from our selection of conveyor roller sleeves including protective covers for conveyor rollers abrasion-resistant rollers and more. in stock and ready to ship.

conveyor roller covers - roller conveyors & components

conveyor roller covers protect conveyor rollers from damage due to abrasion chemicals oil grease and moisture. the covers slip over straight or tapered rollers and shrink to fit when heat is applied. they are typically made from plastic or rubber and will not mar delicate surface finishes on conveyed materials.

conveyor roller covers sleeves & coatings; coated rollers

c&m coatings inc. has focused on coating conveyor roller systems and roller covers for over 30 years specializing in interface fit roller covers uhmw conveyor roller sleeves plastisol coated rollers tapered roller covers foam & solid polyurethane.

conveyor roller covers sleeves spacers lagging tubing

conveyor roller covers sleeves spacers also called lagging are made from extruded urethane pvc or sanoprene tubing. we can also make them from flat belts or inverted v-belts. these roller cover sleeves provide space between the product and rollers preventing products (e.g. glass tile) from touching the rollers.

conveyor rollers mcmaster-carr

choose from our selection of roller conveyors pulleys for conveyor belts ball transfer conveyors and more. gravity conveyor rollers live-conveyor rollers motorized conveyor rollers powered conveyor rollers rubber conveyor rollers sprocket roller sleeves gravity roller conveyor sticks roller conveyor rails roller conveyor sticks

conveyor roller covers

extra grip non-slip tractionplus™ elastomer straight conveyor roller covers. 10x the coefficient of friction of metal conveyor rollers tractionplus™ enables conveyor rollers to tightly grip items increasing traction and eliminating slipping and sliding. product info>

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rubber sleeves for conveyor rollers