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2015115&ensp 0183&enspforming of h.r. steel strips into tubular shape & welding the edges under pressure using high running of the mill while tail end of slit is welded with the leading end of next coil with the help of unit weight kg/meter meter/ton 19 x 19 2.00 0.99 1010 2.60 1.20 833 2.90 1.30 769 25 x 25 2.00 1.36 735 2.60 1.69 592

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generally billets are available in two forms (ie)rectangular and round. we know mass=volume x density. density of steel is 7.85 kg/dm^3. volume of rectangle= l x b x h mass of rec.billet= l x b x h x7.85 volume of circle = πr^2h = π/4 d^2 x

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product line. slabs our cold rolling facility is equipped with all stateofart facilities like 20hisendzimier cold rolling mill with imr shifting mill tilting and shape meter advantages for higher degree of shape & profile correction. the cr annealing & pickling line is on environment friendly lpg fuel with better and fastest

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2017612&ensp 0183&ensptandem mill and the prevention measures shanghai metals2004.4. 16. bai zhenhua li xingdong et al. research about the set of the elongation percentage of planishing mill metallurgical equipment2004. 15. bai zhenhua yang jie et al. research of shape control and shape optimization technology on vc rolling mill heavy machinery2004.2.

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the rolling mill and their only lubricant is rolling mill oil mist. oil lubriion is not de signed primarily for the bearings but for the needs of the rolling process. hence the oil has a low viscosity. additionally no sensor can be taken directly to these bearings. thus the

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2014426&ensp 0183&enspmeter provided by fives stein further enhances soaking & improves the quality of heavy plates. the 4 hi reversible rolling mill along with cross rolling facilities has a roll separating force of 10000 tonnes. this force helps in high shape factor rolling and thus reduces the internal discontinuities. the rolling mill is supported by high speed

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stressometer flatness measurement & control the stressometer flatness control system will minimize rejects pass times and strip breaks. this is achieved thru the use of allmill actuators both mechanical and thermal in an optimal way for creating the best possible flatness.

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our cold rolling facility is equipped with all stateofart facilities like 20hisendzimier cold rolling mill with imr shifting mill tilting and shape meter advantages for higher degree of shape & profile correction.

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shape control systems supplied by andritz sundwig are used in most rolling mill types in the steel stainless steel and nonferrous metal industries. shape control systems are also used in tension levelers for controlling the strip shape.

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201943&ensp 0183&ensp5 6 manufacturing process jfe west japan works jfebs kashima works medium and small shape mill jfebs himeji works pigiron steel making rolling iron ore sintered ore limestone coke slag scrap nab(unequal leg and thickness angles) bp(bulb plates) ab(equal leg angles) cb(channel beams) cooling cutterstraightener inspection shipping

shapemeter for rolling mill with contact force sensor

2016525&ensp 0183&enspshapemeter system with direct contact force sensor measuring roll has high reliable magnetoelastic force sensor in roller shaft every 90 deg. there are four snapshots of the flatness profile for every revolution. from magnetoelastic force sensor shapemeter system can measure force distribution with width direction and then evaluate

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201943&ensp 0183&ensprough rolling machine (breakdown mill) interim rolling machine (u1 : rough universal mill) (e1 : edging mill) product tongs cutting saw continuous casting facility bloom beam blank roller straightener (reformer) press reformer (pressed in horizontal and vertical directions) cooling bed (walking beam type) hot saw finish rolling machine (uf mill

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2015216&ensp 0183&enspsteel shapes on the basis that a cubic foot of steel weighs 490 pounds and a cubic meter of steel of each shape shall not vary more than 2.5% from theoretical or specified amou nts it is a natural occurrence in the rolling and storing of all structural shapes. our products may be conditioned in accordance with astm specifiion a6/a6m

outline of free size rolling for hikari wire rod and bar mill

2012914&ensp 0183&enspoutline of free size rolling for hikari wire rod and bar mill the rolling stands are of a unit type and can be changed all at once. the time required for changing stands online is about five minutes. shape and rolling conditions such as the roll gap and roll speed us

metal rolling manufacturing process

2017910&ensp 0183&enspin a metal rolling process rolls stands bearings housing motors and other mechanical equipment are all a necessary part of the manufacturing operation. the place where all the equipment for metal rolling manufacture is set up is called a rolling mill. rolling

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looper shape meter (lsm) the measurement of strip shape between mill stands on a strip mill has previously been rather difficult and unreliable. primetals technologies has developed a looper shape meter (lsm) for continuous and accurate measurement of interstand shape. the lsm has superior advantages as follows:

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sendzimir mill the state of the art 49.2″ (1250 mm) sendzimir mills loed in the u.s. is utilized for coldrolling titanium sheet coil. this equipment produces a product with gauge and tolerance control and superior flatness utilizing shape meter technology. plate mill

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equipment > mechanical > rolls > rolling mill rolls broner shape meter roll [ request quote ] title of specifiion: broner shape meter roll : new arrival: true : manufacturer of equipment: broner : year of manufacture: 1997 : size (dia) 6.93 : type (work intermediate backup) continuous output multple air bearing unit : overall length: 111 :

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the robertson cold rolling mill is a 4 hi universal cold rolling mill of 1540 mm width with an input gauge of 7 mm an output of .165 mm and a maximum speed of 280 mmin. the mill has been upgraded for speed auto shape control auto gauge control & higher coil density (from 3.2 kg more

method of controlling a shape of a rolled sheet

1980429&ensp 0183&enspwhat is claimed is: 1. a method of controlling a shape of a rolled sheet in a tandem type rolling mill which comprises detecting tension distributions of the sheet in the transversal direction between a payoff reel and a first stand and between a last stand and a tension reel by a first and second shape meters and controlling each roll bending force or each distribution of a roll coolant at

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what is i unit of shape meter rolling mill