immersion gold process step


electroless nickel immersion gold (enig) nickel gold plating

electroless nickel immersion gold (enig) plating is a surface plating process that occurs when electroless nickel plating is covered with a layer of gold. the gold is added to act as a protective barrier to safeguard the nickel plating from oxidation.

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electroless nickel / electroless palladium / immersion

immersion au electroless nickel / electroless palladium / immersion gold plating process for gold- and aluminum-wire bonding designed for high-temperature applications kuldip johal sven lamprecht and hugh roberts atotech deutschland berlin germany atotech usa inc. rock hill sc usa

electroless nickel immersion gold - wikipedia

electroless nickel immersion gold (enig) is a type of surface plating used for printed circuit consists of an electroless nickel plating covered with a thin layer of immersion gold which protects the nickel from oxidation.. enig has several advantages over more conventional (and cheaper) surface platings such as hasl (solder) including excellent surface planarity (particularly

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the product provides excellent deposit coverage to increase corrosion resistance during subsequent process steps. silveron mf 100 autocatalytic silver with immersion gold has been developed as a

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electroless immersion gold process transene

bright electroless gold. a gold plating solution for depositing thin uniform layers of 24 karat gold by an electroless immersion process – for printed circuit boards transistor headers electrical connectors diode leads lamps and other electronic parts.

immersion gold plating vs. electroless gold plating

immersion gold plating vs. electroless gold plating 2002. q. is there a substantive difference between electroless gold and immersion gold and if so can you define this for me. i am not a finishing professional but i deal with components that mount to printed circuit boards. roger williams - missouri

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immersion gold process step