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various grinding media's can be used including glass ceramics and steel. capable of producing sub-micron particles . information obtained from milling on the pilot mill will help to predict production expectations. monitoring of process functions provide data for batch to batch reproducibility.

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grinding media available from emi mills along with technical support and knowledgeable media selection from years of processing experience. the performance in all media mills is dependent on using the correct media type size and mill loading.

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test laboratory . milling mixing & dispersion test laboratory available for processing customer samples and prove out the technology. we invite customers to send in samples for evaluation and invite them to attend the trial.

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selection. chiller sizes to meet most laboratory and production applications. emi mills experience in using and supplying chillers for use with dispersion equipment in particular helps to take the guess work out of selecting the right chiller for your application.. contact emi mills to discuss your application.


emi specializes in fine particle technology in a variety of industries that require uniform and stable dispersions with a narrow particle distribution. whether a product requires efficient mixing dispersing de-agglomeration or finite particle reduction one of our mixers or media mills can help.

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production bead mills for wet milling fine grinding and dispersing of liquid and paste type viscosities. operation is on a continuous basis or by recirculation milling. precise control of the mill agitator speed and pump flow rate assists in producing uniform products. bead mill pearl mills small media mill ink mill paint mill

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emimills grinding media