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tunisia’s phosphate mines – between a rock and a hard

the ongoing strikes in tunisia’s phosphate mines offer a valuable insight into structural deficits of the tunisian economy. since 20 january 2018 workers and unemployed youth have been blocking the entrances to several phosphate mines in ghafsa tunisia’s mining region effectively halting phosphate production.

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the small island nation of nauru and its neighbor banaba island which used to have massive phosphate deposits of the best quality have been mined excessively. rock phosphate can also be found in egypt israel western sahara navassa island tunisia togo and jordan countries that have large phosphate-mining industries.

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country fast facts: tunisia. october 10 for independence in the decades following world war i was finally successful in getting the french to recognize tunisia as an independent state in 1956.

tunisia phosphate exports halted by job protests - reuters

once one of the world’s largest phosphate makers tunisia’s production has halved since 2010 because of repeated protests and a fall in foreign buyers. still the industry remains a key hard

phosphate production poisoning tunisian city

phosphate an essential component of agricultural fertilizers is tunisia’s main export and plays a principal role in the national economy. najib chairat (photograph & background) is now severely disabled and unable to work after being exposed to pollution in gabes tunisia april 15 2014.

tunisia plans to increase its phosphate production

tunisia's production of phosphate was about 8 million tons in 2010 but the social problems experienced by production areas had a significant impact on the actual working days negatively affecting production levels. as a result tunisia lost a number of global markets due to its inability to meet its obligations.

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phosphate production tunisia