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tailings ponds can also be a source of acid drainage leading to the need for permanent monitoring and treatment of water passing through the tailings dam; the cost of mine cleanup has typically been 10 times that of mining industry estimates when acid drainage was involved.

new treatment plant running at site of gold king mine

a temporary treatment plant has begun cleaning up polluted water flowing from the gold king mine after an accident sent millions of gallons of waste into rivers in three states the environmental

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drd gold extracted 33600 ounces of gold worth nearly us$40 million in the last quarter of 2013. mintails a mine tailings processor has developed new technology to process 350000 tons of slimes from its extensive tailings resources. it expects to recover 58 kg of gold per month and has enough slimes to last until 2025.

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once home to the world's most valuable mining property butte mont. now hosts america's biggest superfund site. cnet road trip 2009 stopped in to see how mining can almost kill a boomtown.

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mine tailings' size and composition depends on the mining method. for hardrock metal mines tailings are usually a very fine mud or powder which is left over after ore is crushed and valuable minerals are extracted from it. tailings may also contain chemicals used for mineral extraction.

re-processing gold tailings in south africa

historic gold tailings dams in the witwatersrand area of south africa is being investigated. the objective is to recover uranium and residual gold from the tailings as well as to oxidize the sulphides to eliminate long term environmental liabilities associated with acid mine drainage. the tailings from the re-processing plant will be re-

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tailings are materials produced from mining such as milled rock and effluents. in many cases massive quantities of these materials regarded as waste are left from previous operations. given the

recovering cyanide from gold plant tailings

(breaches of tailings dams accidents involving trucks carrying cyanide to gold plants etc.). the cost of recovering and recycling cyanide from tailings will generally . be lower than the cost of purchasing new cyanide. when this cost benefit is added to the lower cost of tailings detoxification a strong can

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gold mine tailings treatment which is strong