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what is the effect of reduction ratio (of steelmaking) on

what is the effect of reduction ratio (of steelmaking) on fatigue strength of steel is better high reduction ratio than lower reduction because the steel has more strenght. i have been

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a: forging reduction is generally considered to be the amount of cross-sectional reduction taking place during drawing out of a bar or billet. the original cross-section divided by the final cross-section is the forging ratio (say 3:1). there is an equivalent reduction on upsetting for forgings being upset during forging (gear blanks for example).

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kamikaze-crush should be affected as well since the actor needs to be a target in order to damage its own lp. kaisersmash is also definitely affected (i tested it) because somewhat similarly to kamikaze-crush its ep (3e) was apparently originally intended to do a "sacrifice" attack in which the actor willingly damages himself (hp only in

on the relation between reduction ratio and mechanical

to investigate the relation between reduction ratio and mechanical properties of killed mild steel plates the following tests were carried out. (1) six 10-t ingots from a coarse austenitic-grained heat melted with a basic open hearth furnace were hot-rolled into several plates of different

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for diablo ii: lord of destruction on the pc a gamefaqs message board topic titled "best thing to make "kingslayer"" - page 3.

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reduction ratios of 15:1 used to be the norm for quality applications (e.g. engineering steels) some 10-20 years ago but even this expectation has fallen with the advent of modern continuous casting practices. reduction ratios as low as 8:1 are currently acceptable for many high quality long product applications: residuals

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i have been told it's best to keep with a monitors static resolution (in this 1000:1) the dynamic contrast ratio is (5 million: 1 but that is a marketing number) on this montior the dynamic

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crushing reduction ratios